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Our Services

Full-service option: we provide all materials (
brites, ends, cases, holders)

Constant, reliable, calibrated compressed air source from our personal compressor

Charges based solely on 
acceptable finished cans

Free automatic label application with labels compatible with our machine

Online scheduling and booking request up to 12 months in advance

Estimates sent prior to canning date

1 invoice at completion of services

Full transparency as to fees, arrivals, calendar, etc.

Contract Canning Available

Contact us today and ask how we can work together on a long-term plan to secure the best pricing and services for your packaging needs. 


Click HERE for a complete canning checklist

CO2 supply line – 20psi @ .5cfm per minute minimum – with correct hoses/couplings, and up to 100ft in length

CO2 concentration levels ensured to approximately 2.45-2.7 test completed day of canning.

Beer temperature set to 33-35 degrees Fahrenheit 12 hours before arrival.

2 to 3 staff members to feed cans and package final products.

230/240v service for air compressor or if not available air compressor with at least 90psi @2.2cfm

Labels ready day of canning (contact us for labeling specifications)

Clean and clear work area for approximately 30ft linear feet for straight production

Forklift on site preferred but not required

Loading dock or ramp access to 
roll in canning unit and cans without lifting.


Prior to canning, both parties agree that the product is wholesome and in a safe condition for retail packaging. Brewery accepts responsibility for the quality of the beer (THC is not responsible for residual yeast, high temperatures, etc.)

Confirm estimated barrel production 72hrs prior to service day (when THC provides cans, caps, etc.)

Low-Fill fees: Sale samples and low-fills (based upon industry standards) kept by the brewery (not disposed of) will be charged at a per case rate of 50%. Standard can and packaging fees still apply.

Full payment within 7 days from canning date in the form of cash or check. Credit cards accepted (an addition 3.5% processing fee may apply). Pay digitally instantly with our online invoicing that accepts checks and ACH at no additional charge.