Who we are:

Tap Hopper Canning was born from our experience with Tap Hopper Tours. Our passion for the success of the craft brewing industry has grown exponentially since our tour company began operations in the summer of 2016. Being intimately involved with a dozen partners in the Triad area, we began to further understand the ins and outs of the brewing industry, especially in regard to newer breweries.

We realized that establishing market share in restaurants, bottle shops, and other retail outlets is difficult without end-use
packaging like bombers and cans. With our system – Twin Monkeys’ ANIMAS & YAMPA mobile canning line – Tap Hopper Canning can provide your brewery with an economical, efficient way to get 8oz, 12oz., 375ml,16 oz. and 19.2 oz. cans into the retail market.

Other operations have their bottom line as their primary target. They have 20 bbl minimums, travel costs, and other fees which affect your bottom line. Our goal is to create long-term partnerships with craft brewers through which we all succeed. From this perspective, we decided to make our participation as “brewery focused” as we possibly could. We aren’t here to nickel and dime your business, squabbling over pennies. We know how slim margins are. We also know how important (and potentially costly) getting your beer in cans could be.

Tap Hopper Canning takes away the concern or fear of investing in your own canning line. By using multiple partners over the space of a week (or a month), we absorb the cost you would incur by purchasing the equipment you might only use twice a month. As your brewing capacities grow, this allows you to keep the capital you need for expanding daily operational requirements, such as fermenters and 
tanks, raw materials, etc. Let Tap Hopper Canning help you grow and expand.

Check out ourscheduleandpricingpages for details on our services. 

Patrick Sanecki 

Owner- CEO



Brisa Clark

Owner- COO



Niels Larsen

Owner- Director Of Operations